CITIES for Students

CITIES for you – students

CITIES for you is a space on the CITIES homepage for pupils and students in European schools.

Did you know that the total surface of all Liquid Crystal Displays was estimated to be roughly equal to 7000 football grounds in 2008? Is it true that a Nobel Prize winner’s groundbreaking work started with the simple observation that slices of fresh apple do not go brown when soaked with lemon juice – and do we know why this is the case?How do anti-perspirants work? How much water will be absorbed by 1 g of superabsorber material in a diaper? How can I study chemistry – and which kinds of jobs are offered in the chemical industry?

To sum up: do you want to find out more about the “chemistry” in our daily lives – and to share a chemist’s view at the molecular level? The CITIES team invites you to join us and look at chemistry with the eyes of an everyday user of its benefits.