Welcome to CITIES

CITIES is a COMENIUS project (129193 - CP - 1 - 2006 - 1 - DE – COMENIUS – C21 ) planned in 2006 and ran from 01.10.2006 until 30.09.2009.

In many European countries, there is an urgent need to interest more young people in studying chemistry. Key factors influencing their choice are their secondary school teachers. The COMENIUS project CITIES will produce four teacher training modules which will help teachers to make their chemistry lessons more appealing to students by placing the subject in the context of their daily lives. Besides basic information on European aspects of the chemical industry and chemistry teaching, CITIES will offer course material with “hands on” experiments and a homepage that presents people and products, linking everyday benefits, the making of products and their chemical background in an interactive way.

Thus, the CITIES partnership is developing this homepage for the use of teachers and their students.

CITIES provides three types of material:

  • a fully fledged in-service teacher training course
  • training material which can be used/adapted by teachers for use in their own schools
  • background information, factual materials and links

Some sections of this homepage are still under construction. Especially the sections "Chemistry - bringing it alive", "Promoting Chemistry" and "Chemistry changes everything" already contain a wealth of material which is freely available to teachers and students.