Chemistry – bringing it alive

When the CITIES team made a survey among teachers in European secondary schools about possible contributions of CITIES to their daily work, all of them clearly favoured well described, tested and appealing experiments for their chemistry lessons.

Here they are!

The CITIES team will offer training courses for teachers at various European locations.

Here is the learning/teaching material for practical work (pdf files for download)

  • Forensic Science

Theory:            Chemistry and the Detective

Experiments:   Chase the Criminals with Chemistry

Riddle:             Template Forensik Riddle

Lesson:            Template Forensic Lesson


  • Canned Ravioli

Theory:            Chemistry of Canned Ravioli (Theory)

Experiments:   Chemistry of Canned Ravioli (Exp)

Lesson:            Template Ravioli Lesson


  • Everyday-Life-Chemistry-Experiments (in german)

Link:                Everyday-Life Chemistry-Experiments